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Red beans
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Добавлено: 20 августа 2020, 08:57

Red beans

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Alex Romanowsky
key account manager
,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 20 августа 2020


Available in 120 MT

Red beans are one of the healthiest foods in the human diet.

It contains a lot of easily digestible vegetable protein (a serving of beans about 200 grams is about 30% of the daily protein requirement) - so much so that beans are considered an excellent alternative to meat for vegetarians and fasting people. According to many nutritionists, vegetable protein is healthier for the body, it is absorbed by 70-80 percent, says At the same time, one glass of beans can fully satisfy the body's daily fiber requirement.

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,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 20 августа 2020

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